Wetland Ecological Services Team, LLC (WEST) has assisted Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) with a variety of projects that have enhanced and restored wetland, riparian and upland habitat for wildlife throughout Colorado.

Wetland Wildlife Conservation Program


WEST has worked closely with a variety of partners to implement projects that have contributed to the priorities of Programs Strategic Plan by completing projects to improve the quantity and quality of wetland and riparian habitat throughout the San Luis Valley of Colorado.  To date, WEST has effectively utilized Wetland Program Partnership funding to leverage over $412,000 in matching funds to enhance and restore nearly 2,000 acres of habitat on National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs) and State Wildlife Areas (SWAs).

2014 Block Grant: San Luis Valley Wetland and Riparian Enhancement

In 2014, WEST was awarded their second Wetland Partnership Program Block Grant to conduct wetland enhancement projects on three U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service NWRs (Alamosa, Baca and Monte Vista) and the Bureau of Land Managements McIntire-Simpson Property.  Please check back with us for future project updates.

2012 Independent Grant: Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge Units P and U Wetland Enhancement and Restoration

Repair and replacement of water delivery infrastructure to improve the timing and distribution of water resources supporting shallow water and riparian wetlands.
Wetland and Riparian Acres Enhanced: 320
Wetland and Riparian Acres Restored:  15
Completed: 11/2013

2010 Block Grant: San Luis Valley Wetland Enhancement and Restoration 

Four projects were completed on the Alamosa and Monte Vista NWRs, as well as Hot Creek SWA to improve water delivery and management capabilities that enhanced and restored over 1,600 acres of shallow water wetlands, uplands and riparian habitat.

Alamosa NWR Unit O 
Wetland Acres Enhanced: 590
Completed: 3/2011

Monte Vista NWR Units 6 and 7 
Wetland Acres Enhanced: 953  
Completed: 4/2011

Monte Vista NWR Unit 4 
Wetland Acres Enhanced: 52
Upland Acres Enhanced: 8
Completed: 3/2013

Hot Creek SWA 
Wetland and Riparian Acres Enhanced: 35
Wetland and Riparian Acres Restored: 12
Completed: 6/2013

Property Assessments and Site Evaluations

WEST has assisted CPW personnel on a variety of projects throughout Colorado.  Activities include site visits, project evaluations and technical reports.

James M. Robb SP Site Evaluation
Banner Lakes SWA Site Assessment
Sambrito Wetland Area Habitat Restoration
San Luis Lakes SWA Site Visit
Sego Springs SWA Site Visit

Professional Wetland Management Services

From 2007-2012 WEST was contracted by CPW to provide wetland management services on 7,600 acres of wetland, riparian and upland habitat located on Russell Lakes, Rio Grande and Higel SWAs.  While under contract, our staff worked closely with CPW to plan and implement a variety of habitat management goals and objectives to enhance the availability of food and cover resources for wildlife, while promoting quality recreational opportunities for the public.  Over the 5 years, WEST utilized an assortment of management and monitoring activities to adaptively promote productive wetland complexes, while working cooperatively with other state and federal agencies throughout the state and region for the benefit of wetlands, wildlife and to promote education.

Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Surveys 

In 2007, WEST was contracted by CPW Conservation Section to conduct southwestern willow flycatcher surveys on Rio Grande and Higel SWA's.  Working collaboratively with the CPW staff,
WEST developed a GIS/GPS application database that incorporated standardized survey techniques with habitat characterization parameters to qualitatively evaluate environmental conditions.

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